Choosing the best pan for baking pancakes

Tasty and rosy pancakes are a merit not only of the hostess herself, but also of the frying pan that is used to bake them. Thanks to a huge assortment of kitchen appliances, everyone can choose exactly what is suitable for a particular type of stove, based on their own preferences and requirements. So what should be the best pan for pancakes? To answer this question, it is worthwhile to thoroughly understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of the pans intended for cooking pancakes.


There are several types of this ware:

  • cast iron;
  • copper;
  • aluminum;
  • with a special coating (ceramic and teflon).

It is impossible to unambiguously single out any specific type of pans, which can be considered universal. This dish should also be selected taking into account the type of plate on which pancakes will be baked.

Cast Iron Pancake Pan

This ware has a long history and is successfully used by modern housewives.

A cast iron pan has several advantages:

  • reliable;
  • possesses excellent thermal inertness, as well as excellent baking qualities (good pancakes can be baked);
  • convex surface, which provides good fried dough;
  • durable.

The disadvantages include:

  • requires special care;
  • heavy
  • preliminary preparation of dishes is necessary.

It is recommended to use this type of dish for cooking pancakes after a thorough "roasting" of its surface, which will ensure its good baking qualities in the future. A fairly large weight (2-3 kg) can scare away customers, because the process of making pancakes will require some physical effort.

It is worth considering that for frying pancakes in an cast-iron pan, both an induction and an electric stove can be used.

The most popular cast iron pan brand is Biol. Reviews of these frying pans for pancakes are positive. When choosing Biol pans, you can be sure that you are using environmentally friendly and safe dishes.

Pancake Pan

Copper cookware is one of the oldest on our planet. It prepared not only coffee, but also a wide variety of dishes, including pancakes. Caring for copper utensils is simple, the pan from this metal heats up pretty quickly and retains heat perfectly, such qualities will be appreciated by every housewife.

Advantages of pans made of copper:

  • excellent thermal conductivity;
  • ease of care;
  • holds heat better than aluminum;
  • easy.

Unfortunately, such a beautiful dish has the only drawback - the high price. Often copper cookware is used by professional chefs.

It is suitable for both induction and electric, gas and ceramic glass stoves.

Aluminum Pancake Pans

Aluminum cookware is one of the most popular today. It is not as expensive as copper, but almost as convenient to use. Pancake pans are made from special food grade aluminum, which is safe and cheap.

Main advantages:

  • low cost;
  • light weight;
  • ease of use.

When choosing a frying pan, it is also worth considering the disadvantages of aluminum utensils:

  • quickly loses heat;
  • easily deformed;
  • toxic when the protective layer is damaged.

It is worth noting that pans without special coating are practically not produced. This type of cookware includes Gipfel cast aluminum skillet. Reviews about this product are mostly good.

Before choosing aluminum dishes for frying pancakes, it is worth deciding on the type of its coating.

Ceramic-coated pans

Ceramic spraying on dishes provides a number of characteristics: excellent quality of roasting dough, suitable for baking thin pancakes. If you have an induction or electric stove, such a pan is simply irreplaceable.

Although this type of cookware has gained immense popularity, reviews about such pans are ambiguous. Only special care and the use of special frying equipment (wood and polymer) will ensure the durability and perfect appearance of the pan.


  • high resistance to damage;
  • ease of use and care;
  • harmlessness.


  • high price.

The most famous ceramic-coated pan manufacturer is Tefal and Delimano. The diverse design of the dishes will help you choose the best option for everyone. A special indicator on the surface of the Tefal pan will indicate the degree of heating. Thanks to the convenient handle of the Delimano pan, the process of baking pancakes will be a pleasure.

Non-stick (Teflon) pans

This type of pans is one of the most popular. Good customer reviews and a relatively low price play a big role for many housewives choosing the appropriate dishes for baking pancakes.


  • quick readiness for work;
  • ease of care;
  • suitable for baking thin pancakes;
  • low consumption of vegetable oil;
  • acceptable price.


  • surface heating temperature should not exceed 200-220 C;
  • it is necessary to use exclusively wooden or polymeric devices.

Today, there are many brands specializing in the production of such pans: Neva-metal cookware (cast aluminum), Tefal (with an "owl" pattern), Travola (convex double-sided). Each of these pans can be used for any type of cooker (induction and electric are no exception).

Which one can you choose:

  1. Pans from Neva-metal dishes are heavy, compared to other dishes from this category, but much cheaper than for example Tefal.
  2. A double-sided convex pan Travola will come in handy for those who want to cook quickly and simply, without resorting to such a complicated process of turning pancakes.
  3. If you want to create amazingly delicious pancakes with an “owl”, then a Tefal frying pan will be your ideal option.

Electric crepe maker

Assessing the advantages and disadvantages of each type of dish for baking pancakes, you can choose what is best for you.