House and garden

Beautiful houses are completed projects

Perhaps the most beautiful houses, projects of which are just being developed. It is not joke. People are inclined in dreams to draw such cottages, which even the most virtuoso architect cannot realize. Nevertheless, fantasies are still appropriate. After all, they allow everyone to find what he really wants.

A true home project should achieve the perfect balance between the dream and the technical, technological and financial capabilities. We will consider interesting and beautiful houses from this point of view. And beauty in this case is not always an abundance of decor, but the right balance of convenience, benefit and proportions.

Project Selection Criteria

First of all, you need to pay attention to the material of the future structure. Traditional for our country are brick and wood. But now the variety of materials is impressive. Since combined technologies are used, where a metal frame is used, foam and aerated concrete blocks, various panels and other materials, and each has its own advantages, it is difficult to advise something here. The future owner must decide for himself. Examples of beautiful houses, both from traditional materials and from modern ones, are many.

Further, it is important for the designer to know how many floors there will be in the house. It is necessary to clarify the number of rooms, windows and doors. Often cottages are designed together with a garage, a bathhouse and other buildings. Often the most beautiful houses in the world have a small garden, a cozy gazebo and a swimming pool. These are elements of comfort that expand the concept of home - a place where you can and should relax.

An important factor in choosing a home will be the environment. It's about the place where he will be. There are fans to climb into such corners where there is no infrastructure. For such beautiful houses, a road project and the organization of the adjacent territory are required. The more accurate the pictures drawn by imagination, the more successful the project.

Beautiful houses: new technologies

Home place on the planet

If you look at the most beautiful houses in the world, you will notice that each nation had unique traditions in architecture. Their cottages have their own shape, cramped or large interior space. It depends on the worldview of the people as a whole, on climatic conditions, and on other factors.

Over the past few decades, the picture has changed. Globalization and the development of construction technologies have led to the fact that stroking a chic house, we are unlikely to be able to tell exactly where it is. Technology has erased borders. Now even the climate has little effect on the appearance of the building, its height and other parameters. There are materials that can withstand any vagaries of the weather. However, before the start of construction and the creation of the project, there must be a certain land plot. After all, the project is created with an exact reference to the place, because the level of groundwater, the terrain and other features are important.

Modern private houses are increasingly reminiscent of palaces. It’s even hard to say which style prevails today. Each is expressed in its own way. And even the most beautiful houses in the world are far from unity in style. Nevertheless, we note that ordinary houses are more suitable for practicality than for aesthetics. To some extent, they are even monotonous.

Qualitatively designed houses are distinguished by:

  • orientation to the cardinal points;
  • a variety of shapes and heights, such as roofing;
  • beautiful proportions and submission of details to the whole;
  • integrity and compactness.

Modern homes are not just beautiful and practical. They are also economical. Correct orientation to the cardinal points allows you to arrange rooms, create window sizes so that there is less heat loss in winter. Inside, such houses are comfortable and cozy. They are proportionate to man, meet all his needs. There are no frills, only benefit and comfort.

Private houses have a special microclimate. They rarely depend on district heating. And to maintain such favorable living conditions, again, modern technology allows. Vapor-permeable materials today play a prominent role in creating the climate inside the house. They are necessary not only for the arrangement of the roof, but also for facades, which are often faced with facade panels, siding, tiles, etc. To avoid moisture, condensation, use special cotton wool.

All materials for houses and cottages are divided into 3 groups, which determine their aging period:

  1. The most durable are able to last 100 years or more;
  2. Mediums give a guarantee for 50 years;
  3. Low level for those whose service life is 20 years.

How many rooms and floors

The area of ​​beautiful cottages is usually large. It is calculated depending on the number of people in the family and regularly visiting a hospitable guest house. The main role is played by the number of rooms. Any house designs should meet the needs of each family member. On average, for a family of 4 people will need:

  • Marital bedroom
  • children's room (sometimes 2);
  • living room;
  • cabinet or workshop.

For this set, when creating cottages, at least 70 m² are planned. Added to this:

  • at least one bathroom;
  • the kitchen;
  • hallway;
  • porch.

It turns out that the total area of ​​the house can reach 130 m². The calculations are minimal. Here we did not take into account guest rooms and guest bathrooms, verandas and loggias.

The height of the cottages is determined by the number of floors. The space between floors can be large, but the best option if it does not exceed 3 m. The attic and basement floors are also taken into account. Today, one-story cottages are almost never found. However, a one-story house often has a simple structural solution, is convenient for the elderly and ideal for repairs. But such a house will need a large area of ​​land.

The most beautiful houses

To create an image of the future home, viewing photographs always helps - this is a fascinating activity, in addition, useful.