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Delicious pastries - prepare lush dough with dry yeast

Soft, fragrant homemade buns and pies are the best childhood memories. How to make a magnificent dough for buns on dry yeast quickly and correctly? It is not as difficult as it seems.

Classic recipes for buns and pies

Making the right yeast dough for tasty and soft rolls is easy, even a novice housewife can cope with classic simple recipes.

Dough for delicious buns

According to this recipe, the buns are delicious without any additives. For the filling, condensed milk, jam, chocolate paste are suitable.

What is necessary:

  • milk warmed up to 36-37 degrees - 120 ml;
  • large egg - 3 pcs. + 1 pcs.;
  • fat sour cream - 125 ml;
  • granulated sugar - 150-170 g;
  • creamy spread or baking margarine - 110 g;
  • flour - 920-970 g;
  • high-speed yeast - 15 g;
  • vegetable oil - 35 ml;
  • vanillin, cinnamon, salt.

How to cook:

  1. Pour yeast into milk, 30 g each of flour and granulated sugar. Melt margarine.
  2. Stir, leave until a large number of bubbles appear on the surface.
  3. Introduce eggs, warm margarine, vegetable oil, salt, vanillin into the mixture.
  4. Sift the flour several times, add to the liquid mixture in small portions.
  5. A good dough has an elastic consistency, does not stick to the surface.
  6. Cover the container with the dough with a clean thin cloth and put it in a warm place.
  7. After 2 hours, the mass will increase markedly in volume. It needs to be kneaded, rolled into a layer.
  8. Pour a mixture of their cinnamon and granulated sugar onto the bed, you can add a little lemon zest.
  9. Roll the layer in the form of a roll, cut into portioned pieces.
  10. Cover the baking sheet with baking paper, spread the rolls, leave for 20 minutes.
  11. Grease with a beaten egg. Bake in the oven for about 20-30 minutes.

Yeast pastry dough

A universal recipe allows you to cook pies with different fillings: spicy meat, sweet fruit or tender curd.

What is necessary:

  • fast yeast - 10 g;
  • heated water - 470 ml;
  • granulated sugar - 45 g;
  • sunflower oil - 60 ml;
  • flour -830-970 g;
  • small egg;
  • salt.

How to cook:

  1. Mix warm water, yeast, granulated sugar in a container, leave for 20-25 minutes.
  2. Add oil, gradually introduce sifted flour.
  3. Knead fluffy dough, leave for half an hour in a warm place.
  4. When the mass rises, it needs to be mixed a little more.
  5. From the finished dough to form pies, rolls, buns, grease with an egg.
  6. Bake yeast in the oven at a temperature not exceeding 180-190 degrees.

To make the dough fit quickly and well, you can put it in a warm oven. Warm the oven at a minimum temperature of 5-7 minutes, put a container with dough: a constant temperature and the absence of drafts will allow it to rise as much as possible.

Original baking recipes

By adding a few ingredients to the classic recipe, you can get an interesting option for delicious cakes and rolls.

Pumpkin dough

This dough is not only soft, but also very tasty, has an interesting color and unique aroma. Even an ordinary crumpet of it will be a real culinary masterpiece.

What is necessary:

  • sour milk - 200 ml;
  • peeled pumpkin flesh - 180 g;
  • flour - 0.7-0.8 kg;
  • granulated sugar - 20-90 g (depending on the type of baking);
  • dry fast yeast - 10-11 g;
  • large egg - 2 pcs. in the dough + 1 pc.;
  • vodka - 15 ml;
  • margarine, spread - 155 g:
  • vegetable oil - 45 ml.

How to cook:

  1. Cut the pumpkin in arbitrary pieces, completely pour over water, cook for 25-30 minutes until soft.
  2. Mix sour milk with yeast, granulated sugar, add a pinch of salt.
  3. Gently add 180 g of flour to the mass, mix, remove into heat.
  4. Grind the finished pumpkin with a blender.
  5. Mix the dough with mashed potatoes, add the eggs, warm melted margarine, 15 ml of sunflower oil and vodka.
  6. Add flour gradually, knead well after each serving. Pour 15 ml of sunflower oil into a thick dough, continue to knead.
  7. Ready to put elastic dough in heat for an hour, during which time it will rise, will increase significantly in volume.
  8. Form a yeast product, grease it twice with an egg, send it to the oven.

You can grease buns with honey glaze - mix 15 ml of honey with 30 ml of liquid butter, add protein. Cover the buns with icing before baking.

French baking recipe

The dough for croissants and other French pastries is soft and soft. It will take a lot of time to cook, but the result is worth the effort.

What is necessary:

  • dry active yeast - 5-6 g;
  • granulated sugar - 20-25 g;
  • warm water - 55 ml;
  • flour - 350-370 g;
  • vegetable oil - 30 ml;
  • salt - 5 g;
  • warm milk - 125 ml;
  • creamy margarine for baking - 125 g;
  • large egg.

How to cook:

  1. At the first stage, you need to mix water, yeast, add a pinch of salt and 0.5 tbsp. l Sahara.
  2. Leave the mixture for 5 minutes until a light foam appears.
  3. At the second stage, mix the flour with sunflower oil, 15 g of sugar, warm milk, add a little salt.
  4. Combine the yeast and flour mixture.
  5. Knead the dough on the surface, if necessary add flour in small portions.
  6. Put the finished dough in a bowl, make 2 cross-shaped incisions.
  7. Send to heat for 1.5 hours.
  8. Silence beat off with your palms, wrap in cling film, put in the refrigerator for half an hour.
  9. Break the butter with a rolling pin. Do not heat, do not melt: its consistency should be the same as that of the test.
  10. Roll out the dough: you should get a circle with a diameter of 22-23 cm. From above, distribute the oil in the center.
  11. Pinch the edges towards the center: the oil should be completely covered with dough.
  12. Roll the dough into a rectangle, fold the edges to the center again, do not pinch the edges.
  13. Wrap the mass with foil, put in the refrigerator for 2 hours.
  14. Roll out the finished dough 4-5 times into a layer and fold it in an envelope. It will become flaky and airy.
  15. Roll out the dough into a circle, divide into equal segments, spread out the filling (you can even without it), roll croissants.
  16. Mix the egg with a little water, grease the product.
  17. Bake a quarter of an hour at a temperature of 250 degrees.

Yeast dough does not like cold foods: all the necessary ingredients must be removed first from the refrigerator, allowed to warm at room temperature.

Kefir yeast dough

You can add kefir and whey to the yeast dough. Sour-milk products give the mixture a special porous structure, make it airy, a bun or pie from such a dough will not stale for a long time.

What is necessary:

  • kefir - 355 ml;
  • medium-sized eggs - 3 pcs.;
  • sugar - 175 g;
  • vanillin, salt;
  • margarine - 4.5 tbsp. l .;
  • vegetable oil - 36 ml;
  • flour - 0.9-1.1 kg;
  • fast yeast - 1 tbsp. l

How to cook:

  1. Pour yeast, sugar, 30 g flour into kefir.
  2. After the appearance of the foam, introduce salt, vanillin, eggs, soft margarine, vegetable oil.
  3. Sift the flour sifted through a sieve gradually.
  4. Knead the dough thoroughly for at least a quarter of an hour. Leave under light cloth warm for 2.5 hours.
  5. Cure, divide into portions, grease with an egg, leave for 20 minutes.

If yeast is not at hand, you can do without them. The basic rule is that the mass of sugar and fat in the pastry should be at least 14% of the amount of flour.

Quick fluffy yeast dough for pies and rolls (video)

Yeast dough loves the warmth of human hands. Even if there is a bread machine at home, you need to mash the mass with your hands at the end. From the test with dry fast yeast, you can cook a lot of delicious dishes - from simple pies to gourmet croissants.