Strawberry sarian f1: believe reviews

Hello! In the garden, I am engaged in the cultivation of remontane strawberries. The variety "strawberry Sarian f1 large-fruited remontant" reviews are contradictory. I would like to receive more accurate detailed information about this berry.

Indeed, about strawberry Sarian f1 remontant large-fruited reviews are conflicting. But, basically, they are positive. The main thing is to comply with the cultivation technology. It is worth stopping at it in more detail.

Sarian F1 is one of the new varieties of Dutch breeding. The bush reaches a height of 30 cm. Harvested all summer and autumn until November. Moreover, the berries grow even on a mustache, which give many outlets. The berry itself is dark red, characterized by juiciness, dense texture, muscat flavor and a very sweet taste. Approximate weight - 30 g. Fruiting does not depend on the duration of daylight hours. This variety is very unpretentious, tolerates drought, winter-hardy. It is highly resistant to fungal diseases such as powdery mildew and rot.

Seeds are sown in February or March, and seedlings in April-May. Standard care: watering, loosening, weeding and fertilizer. Can be grown in an apartment, on a loggia. In hanging baskets, the plants will look very original due to the long peduncles.

Hybrid Sarian F1 would be a good choice for landing. With good care, this variety of repair strawberries will delight with an excellent harvest. Good luck to you!