Rosa Primadonna: a gentle accent of garden design with a unique aroma

Tea-hybrid varietal rose Primadonna has proven itself when grown in the soil and climatic conditions of our country and has become very popular in home gardening.

Grade description

The popular and popular variety Hybrіd tea Prima Donna belongs to the hybrid tea group and is characterized by the formation of a straight-growing bush with a height of not more than 1.1-1.3 m. The flowers consist of delicate, cream-colored petals with an apricot hue. The tight cones of the buds remain covered at the stage of full disclosure.

Petals are attractive, rounded and wide open, forming a large flower cap, the diameter of which is at least 12-13 cm. This variety is characterized by the presence of high stability in the cut. Freshness of cut flowers lasts about two weeks. Straight and tall stems are well suited for creating attractive and voluminous floral arrangements.

Preparation and planting of cuttings

Cutting Prima Donna hybrid tea is the easiest and most affordable way to propagate. Propagation of roses by cuttings can be carried out:

  • in winter, green cuttings with ripened wood;
  • summer period through grassy cuttings.

Grassy cuttings should be cut at the stage of transition of a young shoot from a grassy state to a lignified one, during the period of active flowering of ornamental culture:

  • cuttings need to be cut from the middle part of the shoot;
  • high-quality stalk suitable for propagation, has a length of 6-8 cm and three to four well-developed buds;
  • to reduce the evaporation of water, the tips of the foliage should be cut, leaving two leaves from each kidney;
  • the upper cut of the cuttings should be straight, and the lower cut must be done at an angle of 45 degrees;
  • For cutting cuttings, only a clean and well-sharpened tool is required.

Hybrid Tea Roses: Features

In order to accelerate the rooting of planting material, it is recommended to immerse the lower cut of the cuttings for a day in water with the addition of a stimulator of root formation. For this purpose, you can use "Kornevin" or "Heteroauxin." Rooting Hybrіd tea Prima Donna can be carried out both in the nutrient soil mixture and in water.

Rooting in water involves the use of clean boiled water, which must be replaced every day. After about two weeks, callus forms, or the germ of the root system, which allows the planting of cuttings in a permanent place in the open ground. Plants should be shaded and sprayed daily in the first two weeks.

Rooting in the soil is no more time-consuming method of grafting and consists in preparing a nutritious soil mixture based on four parts of turf soil, one part of leafy soil, one part of sand and two parts of humus. Cuttings need to be planted with a deepening to the second eye, with a distance of 10 cm from each other.

After planting Hybrіd tea Prima Donna, abundant watering is carried out and a frame-film shelter is installed. Subject to the preparation and planting technology, rooting takes no more than three weeks, which allows young plants to prepare for the winter period.

Preparing and planting seedlings

It is best to buy rose seedlings at specialized crop companies that sell varietal quality planting material. In the process of selecting and purchasing a seedling, special attention should be paid to the following recommendations:

  • the presence of a well-developed and branched root system;
  • the presence of at least two shoots, the diameter of which cannot be less than 0.6-0.7 cm;
  • the kidneys should be at rest.

On high-quality seedlings of this variety, pale-colored or too long, thin shoots are completely absent.

You can plant seedlings of a tea-hybrid rose from the first decade of May to the first of June. The soil on the landing site should be well-heated, but not over-dried. Before planting, the root system of the plant can be slightly trimmed and lowered for two hours in water for the purpose of moisture saturation.

Technology for planting seedlings of tea-hybrid roses Primadonna:

  • prepare planting pits, the dimensions of which will allow you to freely position the root system of seedlings;
  • 1/2 of the total volume of the pit should be filled with a mixture based on garden soil, manure, peat or humus and sand;
  • the vaccination site needs to be buried in the ground by two centimeters.

After planting, the soil around the rose bushes Hybrіd tea Prima Donna needs to be thoroughly compacted and a soil roller created to facilitate irrigation.

Combination with other plants

Hybrid tea roses, or Hybrіd tea, still occupy a place of honor in garden decor. Variety "Primadonna" is no exception and is deservedly popular among landscape designers. In order to obtain continuous flowering from early spring to the onset of significant autumn cooling in the rose gardens on household territories, it is planned to plant several varieties of climbing roses, two varieties of stem roses and the tea-hybrid variety Primadonna.

Roses from the tea-hybrid group can very well combine in flower beds and flower beds with various herbaceous perennial ornamental crops. Most commonly used when landing with cuffs, delphinium and geraniums. Very effective is the combination of the variety "Primadonna" with silver-gray leaves of a cypress Santolin or purple catnip inflorescences. In recent years, more and more planting of tea-hybrid roses has been complemented by steppe sage.

How to plant roses

When growing the Primadonna variety, one must remember that the peculiarity of this hybrid tea form is the absence of too thick foliage in the lower part of the plant, therefore, to mask this shortcoming, compact and very attractive ground cover roses are planted.