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What to plant downstream

They gave me a piece of land, which is located in the lower reaches. I would really like to plant fruit trees and bushes there, but I don’t know what kind of trees will grow there. Is it possible to plant apple trees, pears, plums in such a place. Sweet cherries? Will elderberry and chokeberry grow downstream? What prompt? And further. Do you think it might be better to set up a garden on such soil and delight yourself with goodies? What vegetables can you grow there then?


If the area of ​​the summer cottage allows, I can advise you to plant a birch or willow tree for drainage. And plant fruit trees, not in holes, but on loose hills. You can heat peaches, pears, plums there. But I'm not sure about the apple trees, these trees get along very badly where the water is. And best of all, take a walk around the neighborhood, talk with your neighbors, at the same time, and see what grows with them.