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How to prepare boric acid-based top dressing

Tell me, please, should boric acid for ovary be dry or in solution? How to spray? I have one, what can I do with it?

I have a powder, 10 grams. Proportion of 2 grams per 10 liters. Spray flowers and bunnies

Dry powder, it is better to buy in gardening stores, and not in pharmacies (in pharmacies 2 times more expensive)

Ha and how am I 2 grams, then I will measure out my bag of 10 g too

The powder can be poured onto a piece of paper, formed into a square and divided with a knife into 5 parts, next time divided into 4 parts, etc.

Somewhere here in the topics they wrote 10 grams per 10 liters. Water

2 grams is a little less than half a teaspoon

I bred 10 grams in 10 liters, it seems like it was written on the package, I already sprayed it, now, I doubt something, did it right?


Wipe this face well once a week. And for the plants in the garden store, buy the powder, it is the same as in a pharmacy, but it’s five times cheaper.

In a pharmacy I bought for 65 rubles in a store for 16 🙂