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Do peppers need to remove stepchildren and lower leaves to a fork

Hello! Do peppers need to remove stepchildren and lower leaves to a fork? Thank you for the answers, all the good harvests!

before the bifurcation, it is obligatory to remove all leaves. less disease and harm. will be. Leave in 2 or 3 stems. The very first pepper to be removed in the fork. There will be stimulation of fruiting. Next Leaf Pepper, leaf pepper. Break off all unnecessary and do not regret, then the harvest will be.

I do not remove anything from peppers. Always a good harvest, unless some pest is consumed.

I do not delete anything. If they do not get sick, then you do not need to touch them. Is everything OK. Do not touch ... let them grow.

some just straight dense bush, I think peppers of light will be few, but the first time I decided to clarify

the first one was deleted, there is a fork, but on some the clumsy truth is it possible to delete how many sheets at a time?

it’s just that on some neither the trunk nor the buds can be seen from the leaves, especially on stunted ones

I immediately delete all the lower ones.

I also thought to remove the stepsons or not, I decided to remove it in half, then I'll see the difference

I remove only diseased leaves ... and if they branch out densely, then they will not allow each other to break branches from the weight of the fruits.

Is there an ovary in every bosom, not much for one bush? And they probably take the strength from the fruits that are, they will not have time to ripen

I have a lot of bushes, I’ll also probably do it in half, but I don’t know what anyone says, although I myself am inclined to remove it)) I read that they remove it on tall ones, so that the bare stalk is up to the fork, and the middle and undersized ones can be left, but on the contrary, they are thick

thanks for the video, here I probably will succeed in half, high “bare”, low let them sit like that, try to straighten a couple, see what happens)

I wish a great harvest!

please drop the link to the video or title, your video does not open, really want to watch

try to visit my page on my videos, this video is there. Maybe it will open, if not, we will decide.

for some reason it doesn’t work for me, that's what it writes

Some nonsense! Then on YouTube, the video is called Pepper Bush Formation.

looked, thanks, tomorrow I will remove all stepchildren

not at all, I wish a great harvest!

Thank you and a great harvest))