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Why potatoes are black inside.

Last Year, my husband and I bought a cottage. This is our first experience in gardening, because both lived in apartments. And there were no grandparents. We bought a cottage already with plantations. In the fall they began to dig potatoes and then a problem arose. For some reason, most of the tubers inside were black. I would like to know, maybe we did something wrong? Or it’s some kind of disease that hit the tubers. This year they planted potatoes on their own. But I am afraid that the story will repeat itself. Please tell me what the problem is and how to deal with it?


Diana, most likely the planting potato was damaged by a potato stick, and when you planted it in the ground, the stick hit both the roots and new root crops. To prevent this from happening again, I can advise you to process potatoes with Prestige before planting. And before harvesting, be sure to spray the tops of potatoes with a solution of copper sulfate and dry them well in the sun.