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Why tomato seedlings became pale and lethargic

Hello, tell me, what about tomato seedlings? Pale and sluggish, all conditions are created, but they are getting worse. Maybe something with the ground? I bought in a store.

it's hot for them

I think it's time to pick

They are in such a cramped place, all probably already rooted in the roots, urgently dive

it is necessary to water and close from the sun ... and it is better to plant it already.

They overheat in the sun, do you have a sunny side? Seedlings are good, they just feel hot

Do you have holes in the tank with them for drainage? If not, then most likely the water is built up at the roots, you need to pee into separate cups by deepening them

they are already large, they have little land. water more often then.

Olga tell me, when you planted it, I also have such a problem, seedlings grow poorly, I think the reason is in the ground, I will try to transplant to another land.

Urgently dive

It’s necessary to plant for a long time. Close there.

Feed, ventilate. There is no need to dive. Ground or greenhouse tomatoes? The sheet twists up. Something to eat is not enough.

I have one more box there is seedlings there a little younger, but the land is different in it, they are generally beautiful, and in these three boxes the same, probably something wrong with the ground

thanks, than to feed better in this case?

Does anyone know why tomato leaves curl up? TELL ME PLEASE!!!

Do not you think that they should be dived ????

I “feed” Sudarushka - 1/2 tsp for 5 liters bottle. Once a week I add 1 tsp. copper sulfate.

either an excess of nitrogen, or large temperature differences day and night.


Abundant watering, dry and ash

Thanks a lot to everyone, everyone