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Hibiscus: cultivation, types and varieties of the flower of death

Hibiscus, which is also known by the names Sudanese rose, mallow, Sharon rose and even the flower of death, is considered by the botanists to be part of the Malvaceae family, and grows in nature on a vast territory. Plants of this genus are found in Asia Minor, Haiti, North Africa and the southern regions of Europe. The popularity of this plant among flower growers is due to the long flowering and ease of cultivation.
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Questions and answers

Vertical gardening

On my plot, I have pergolas 3m high on which girl’s grapes grow, it is beautiful and creates a shadow on my sunny plot, but over time there were difficulties with pruning the grapes, and it is especially difficult to prune it so as to maintain the shape of the arches. Maybe someone knows how to do this without resorting to additional devices.
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How is the garden tinned?

Repeated loosening of the earth in the garden leads to the loss of the soil structure, turning it from lumpy to powdery, which makes it difficult for air to reach the roots of trees, and in winters with little snow, it increases the risk of freezing. Sowing grass between the rows, you can get a number of advantages. When the earth is kept under a layer of turf, moisture after irrigation or rain lasts longer.
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Garden tradescantia: characteristics of varieties, rules of planting and care

Tradescantia (Tradescantia) belongs to the genus of evergreen and herbaceous perennials from the Commeline family. The genus includes not only well-known indoor species, but also popular plants grown in open ground and used in landscape design. Botanical features Absolutely all species of tradescantia are perennial herbaceous plants with relatively thin, creeping-type stems, which are very easily rooted in nodes.
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House and garden

Preservation of tomatoes with garlic or tomatoes in the snow

Winter is approaching, which means that it is time to make conservation from tomatoes. There are a lot of recipes, but all of them are aimed only at one thing - to make delicious canned tomatoes that can be enjoyed in winter. Tomatoes of any varieties and any ripening are suitable for cooking. The only exception to conservation are too mature tomatoes.
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